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Our buy here pay here Lakewood, Washington dealers will get you approved for your car loan meanwhile local big name dealers will probably turn you down if you’ve struggled with your credit in the past, like had a downturn in your employment situation that caused you to get a repo. There are however, another group of dealers that don’t sell their car loans to finance companies, but instead carry the loan themselves. Buy here pay here car lots in Lakewood are available.  You just need to apply online on our site here and we will get you approved for your loan and hook you up with the ones that will approve you immediately. First let’s take a look at how to find car lots that finance their own deals, then let’s examine a few tips on how to buy a car from one of them with us.

In order to find the best Lakewood buy here pay here cars, you’ll need to simply apply now on our site. Typically BHPH cars will be a little bit older, and not quite as cosmetically nice as new car dealerships. The reasons for this are several, however, the biggest reason will be that these kinds of car dealerships have less to spend on cars to make up for the people who don’t pay and get repossessed. It’s a higher risk deal for them and costly.

You’ll also find that the interest rate at buy here pay here Lakewood dealers will be a little bit steeper than a traditional car lot. This is also to help make up for the higher risk involved in dealing with poor credit history buyers. Also, since the dealership is carrying all of their own paper, they need to have more money coming in by the month in order to have the cash flow to purchase more cars at wholesale to stay in business. In contrast to that, a regular car dealership can get paid from the finance company as soon as you sign the papers.

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Because of the nature of the dealer financed car, the prospective buyer needs to be a little more cautious when they go about choosing a car. First of all, you should try to find a car that is 100% mechanically sound, that is safe, runs great and is still a solid car. There are few things you need to steer completely away from, let’s go over a couple of those now.

One kind of car to completely stay away from is a flood damaged car. You’ll be able to detect a car that’s been in a flood because inside it will have a moldy, musty, rotten smell that will be hard to cover up. The dealer will try, with all kinds of air fresheners, but you’ll still know if you’re looking for it. The problem with flood damaged cars, is that the water gets in everything from the electrical system, brake lines, transmission, engine, gasoline and fuel system to the point where it’s impossible to completely remove. Run a CarFax to protect yourself.

Another kind of car they can be a little bit more difficult to spot, is the repaired wreck, a.k.a. a “salvage title”. There are some ways to spot this and they are: doors and windows that don’t open and close as they should, trunks and hoods will have different colors of paint on the underside, or the whole car may have been freshly painted with a cheap paint job. These wrecked, fixer-upper cars are repaired on the cheap, with poor quality materials and under the table labor, so an astute buyer that inspects the car carefully will be able to spot defects. If even a couple of cars on a particular lot look like repaired wrecks, you should pass on this particular dealership entirely.

Buying buy here pay here cars are not for everyone, but they definitely serve a purpose in getting people back on the road and to their jobs. They are also a necessity for thousands of people every month nationwide that have no other choice to get a car. By spending extra time in examining the car you can weed through and find some decent deals that will get the job done, then you can get a better car with your improved credit in the future. Apply now and drive your new car home today!

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